Love always the moment!

Love always the moment!
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goo Goo and the Gremlin

I grew up in a small let me rephrase that...I grew up in a town with eight streets.  You could stand in the middle of it and see the surrounding cornfields.   My dad liked to joke that the mayor called one time to say that we would have to move out of our house if we didn't get at least one dead car in our yard by the end of the month.  
There were no stores in town.  The church got closed down because the boiler blew.  The post office burned down one fateful night and the building that WAS a dance hall in the 40's is now a car garage. My parents' house was across the street from a grain elevator -- one of the few working businesses in town. 
Just to give you an idea of what the culture was like, I'll tell you a little story.  My half-sister's husband and I were sitting in my parents' living room one afternoon watching TV when we noticed someone walking outside in the yard.  I went out to see who it was and when I came back, Mike asked, "Who was that?"  
"The Mayor," I replied.  
"What was the Mayor doing in your yard?"
"Reading the meter on the house."
"Why was the Mayor reading the meter on your house?" He asked, wide-eyed.
"What else would he be doing?"
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Most of the people in our little city were really nice.  Our neighbors (I'll call them the Douglas' for the sake of the story) have always been really good friends of ours.  Laurel and Dave Douglas are like another aunt and uncle to me.  They love to tease me about stuff I did when I was a kid...Sometimes I wish they'd forget certain things...
They have a lot of inside jokes with my parents of our favorites has to do with the story of the neighbor on the other side of my parents' house: "Goo Goo" Summerset. 
Goo Goo (as he asked us to call him) and his wife used to stand out in their front yard and yell at each other...while standing two feet apart.  He used to put locks on his refrigerator door so his kids couldn't eat between meals and (trust me) he had more than his share of dead cars in the front yard.  He was a constant source of both annoyance and entertainment.  
One day my parents and I were working in our back yard when Goo Goo hurried out of his front door and started jumping around in his yard, yelling incomprehensibly.  Mom, Dad, and I stopped and stared at him for a few seconds.  What in the world was this guy up to now?  
Finally Goo Goo slowed down his speech enough so that we could understand him a little: "My Car!  My Car!!! Somebody stole my car! Thief!  Thief!" 
We all looked at each other in disbelief.  Who (in their right mind) would have stolen Goo Goo's car?  
Dave and Laurel called to us from their yard.  "What's got Goo Goo so upset?" Dave asked.  
My father cleared his throat.  "Apparently somebody stole ... his car."
Dave made a face.  "One of the dead ones?" 
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"It doesn't sound like it," Mom replied.  
Laurel snickered.  "Fine then...the Yugo or the Gremlin?" 
Meanwhile Goo Goo was still jumping up and down in his yard.  
"Do you think we should help him?" Mom asked. 
"It would be the neighborly thing to do," Laurel added. 
"He really seems upset," Dave said.
"And we have known the guy for years..." Dad muttered.  
Five minutes later, the five of us were sitting in lawn chairs in my parents' back yard watching the "show" in Goo Goo's yard.  By now, Goo Goo and Mrs. Summerset were in their front yard arguing about who had left the keys in the car's ignition.  Goo Goo also mentioned that he had called the police. 
"Oh good," Mom said taking a sip of her pop..."This is going to be a cop show."  
Ten minutes later, the police had arrived...and they started questioning Mr. and Mrs. Summerset about the last time they had seen the car, etc.
What the five of us found amusing was that although we were sitting in lawn chairs watching the whole thing go on, the police didn't ask us any questions or even speak to us once.  We didn't care though...we were too busy munching on our popcorn.  
"YOU HAVE TO CATCH THESE CRIMINALS!" Goo Goo exclaimed. "We're in the middle of a crime wave!  You can't trust anyone anymore!!!  No one cares about each other like they used to!"
"Wonder why he'd think that?" Laurel asked, leaning back in her chair.  
We all shook our heads and said, "Who knows?"
The police questioned Goo Goo for about 5 minutes.  They were getting ready to leave when one of them said, "Hey is your car a bright green compact car?" 
"Yes!" Goo Goo screamed.  "Yes!  It is!! That's what I've been saying!  Why?"  
"Well you know that grain elevator across the street?" The policeman asked.
"Well we found the car behind a silo."
"Someone stole my car and hid it behind a silo at the Grain elevator?"  He yelled this at the top of his lungs. 
"I don't think so.  The car's parking break was off and it looks like it rolled down the hill and ended up behind the silo." 
The police left a couple of minutes later and Goo Goo retrieved his car, parked it in his drive way and retreated into his house.
The show was over.  

Its awesome when you can enjoy good entertainment with your neighbors.

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