Love always the moment!

Love always the moment!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dollar-Eating Machines and Cute Security Guards...

Today I started my new job...I only had a few mishaps...The most traumatic was when the vending machine ate my dollar (see, I told you I was going to have trouble with that...).  I was trying to buy something to eat for lunch, and I put my dollar into the dollar feed...The machine actually made crunching noises and then ate my dollar...I had to go to the front desk to be reimbursed and then I tried again...The machine made chewing noises a second time and I felt really stupid for feeding the electronic thief.  BUT it actually spit the thing out and I put it into a different machine and got some food...I decided that it was probably some secret scientific experiment someone was doing to see how people would react to a vending machine that actually eats money...
My first mishap though was when I got lost trying to find the office where I was supposed to work, but that's not all that exciting...All I can say is that the security guard I got directions from was really cute and he had a voice that sounded like Gibbs on NCIS...I think I'll ask directions from him more often :)...
Oh, and I learned an important lesson today...apparently in some settings, paper cuts can actually be dangerous...I was told that if I get one of the nasty things, I'm supposed to clean it with alcohol immediately so that it won't go septic...  Mental note: NO PAPER CUTS!

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